By Michael Farivari, DDS
March 07, 2017
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Are you a looking for cosmetic dentistry in Hanover, MDcosmetic dentistry

Going to the dentist for routine examinations and cleanings is an important part of both your oral and general health. However, you can also improve your smile’s appearance during your time in the dentist’s chair with cosmetic dentistry. Learn about some common and effective cosmetic dentistry procedures with Dr. Michael Farivari and Dr. Shora Farivari at Ridgeview Dental Care in Hanover, MD.

Dental Crowns
Dental crowns help you improve the appearance of a misshapen, yellowed, or uneven tooth. They can also stabilize a broken or damaged tooth and help protect it from future damage, or hold a dental bridge in place. Additionally, dentists often use crowns to restore the biting surface of a worn tooth. This procedure also falls under the restoration dentistry umbrella since it can improve the functionality of your tooth alongside its appearance.

Dental Bridges
A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth. Bridges can be permanent or removable. A permanent bridge uses a dental crown on either side of the replacement tooth to anchor into place using the surrounding natural teeth. A removable bridge uses metal clasps which fit around the surrounding teeth. Patients must soak their removable bridges overnight. Permanent bridges remain in the mouth and do not come out.

Dental Implants
Dental implants also replace missing teeth but use a different, more effective technique which lasts a lifetime with the proper care. Implants use a surgical procedure to place a small titanium post into the jawbone beneath your gum tissue. The post, called the implant’s fixture, integrates into the bone as it heals, becoming a permanent part of your mouth. The fixture holds a prosthetic tooth, bridge, or denture in place to replace anywhere from one to all of your teeth.

If you think you could benefit from cosmetic dentistry, you should first consult with your dentist to decide which procedure would be right for you. Good candidates for cosmetic dentistry procedures should be in good dental and general health with no signs of tooth decay or gum disease prior to undergoing their procedure. Additionally, patients should have a solid and committed at-home oral care routine and see their dentist at least every six months for regular examinations and cleanings.

For more information, please contact Dr. Michael Farivari and Dr. Shora Farivari at Ridgeview Dental Care in Hanover, MD. Call today to schedule your appointment!



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